How to located the Central Bank of India’s CIF number

Today we know to locate the Central Bank of India’s CIF number. A nationalized bank in India, the Central Bank of India offers its clients internet services. Every client of the Central Bank of India is given a special number known as a CIF number. If a person has numerous accounts, such as savings accounts, deposit accounts, loan accounts, and demit accounts, this number is used to identify them and their accounts at central bank locations.

Some services require a CIF number, without which you won’t be able to use certain online or offline services. This tutorial will show you many ways to locate the Central Bank of India’s CIF number. You should be aware of the CIF Number displayed on the Central Bank Passbook if you have a bank account with the Central Bank of India. Those who are unsure of the CIF Number’s significance can look it out here. The Customer Information File Number is referred to as CIF Central Bank.

In 1911, the Bank was founded. Sir Pherozesha Mehta served as the Central Bank’s first chairman. The first bank that was entirely owned and run by Indians was the Central Bank of India. The Bank has been offering its clients financial services for more than 109 years. How to locate the Central Bank of India’s CIF number Central Bank.

What is the CIF number for Central Bank of India?

Customer Information File is known as CIF. Every consumer receives a CIF number. The CIF has a unique 11-digit number. Your bank may view all of your information, including information on your savings account, loan account, credit card, Demit Account, deposits, KYC, and address, at once thanks to CIF.

How to find Central Bank of India number

  • Passbook (OFFLINE) (OFFLINE)
  • Statement of accounts (OFFLINE)
  • Phone customer service (OFFLINE)
  • Cheque Booklet’s cover (OFFLINE)
  • Web-based banking (ONLINE)
  • Cent-passbook mobile application (ONLINE)

When must I use my CIF number?

Despite the fact that CIF is only used internally by the Bank, several services need a CIF number.

  • when registering for Central Bank of India Internet Banking.
  • Account transfers from one bank branch. to another.

Use the Cent m-Passbook mobile app to find out the CBI’s CIF number.

  • On your smartphone, free download the Central Bank of India Passbook app.
  • Open the app after downloading it, then log in using your login information. (Or, if this is your first time using the app, register)
  • Now select the User Profile option from the menu.
  • The CIF number is now visible.

How can I receive my Central Bank CIF number via SMS?

We regret to inform you that there is currently no option to get a CIF number by SMS. Consequently, you cannot get the CIF number of the central bank through SMS. By using the procedures listed above, you may find out your CIF number.

FAQs –

  • Does IFSC equate to CIF?
    No, the words IFSC and CIF are distinct. CIF is tied to your personal account, whereas IFSC is related to the bank branch code. CIF is special, and you alone can understand it. Read the above methods to know your CIF number.
  • How to get CIF Number from ATM?
    The CIF Number is not visible on an ATM card from Central Bank. You may obtain your Central Bank CIF Number using the simple procedures we’ve outlined in this post.
  • Without a passbook, how do I get a CIF number?
    You can get the CIF Number using CBI app and Internet banking if you don’t have a passbook with you.


In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain the CIF number for your Central Bank of India account. We have covered both offline and online methods for locating the Central Bank of India CIF number in this post. You can leave a remark in the space below if you have any questions or concerns about this content.


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