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Today We know India’s IndusInd bank is a private institution. Pune is where the headquarters are located. It offers its clients banking, financial, and business services. Manmohan Singh created it in the fourth month of 1994. This bank is perfectly safe and trusted by lakhs of customers in India. Anywhere utilizing the internet means, you may check your account’s remaining balance.

Because the IndusInd bank is a modern institution, it offers online and mobile banking services. The user may manage his account, check balances, transactions, and mini-statements via internet banking. The user also has access to online transactions, account history, and other features.

To check the IndusInd bank, the client can use online or mobile banking. There are several other methods, including missed calls, SMS, and USSD features. To find out the remaining amount, simply make a missed call or send an SMS to the service number.

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Customer Service for Indusind Bank

To check your remaining bank amount via a missed call, follow these steps:

  • Open the dialing or calling app on your smartphone.
  • From your registered cellphone number, dial 1800 2741 000.
  • After two or three seconds, the call will automatically be ended.

Net Banking at Indusind Bank

For additional information about your account, use Internet banking. Online account management, balance checking, and service requests are all possible. Follow the instructions and have your online banking username and password close to hand.

  • First, click on this link to access the official IndusInd bank internet banking portal.
    Click the login button to check in to the portal now.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Then select Accounts from the menu.
  • In the accounts section, you can view the remaining balance in your bank.

Through the Indus Mobile app, check account balance

Similar internet or online banking experiences are available to customers on their portable devices. Users of mobile banking may perform all tasks identical to those performed on a computer using a mobile device. Simply download the Indus Mobile app on your phone, then follow the instructions listed below.

  • Go to the Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Install the Indus Mobile app by performing a search for it.
  • Open the programmes after that, then click the Login button.
  • Use your customer ID and password to log in.
  • From the left side corner, tap the three horizontal lines.
  • Finally, this page allows you to check your account balance.

Check Account Balance through SMS

You can input service codes and transmit them to the service number to check your mini-statement or bank balance. Mobile phones can be used to complete this operation. BAL should be typed into the messaging app and sent to the following number. Use your registered mobile number alone to transmit.

  • BAL may be sent to 9212 299 955
  • your phone’s messaging application,
  • Send the word “BAL” from your registered cellphone number to 9212 299 955 by typing it.
    You’ll get an SMS with information on your account balance.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Can I check the amount of my Indus bank account online?
    Yes, you may check your Indus bank balance online if you have an account. The user must visit the official website to do this. To view the account balance online, log in.
  2. How do I use SMS to check my Indus Bank balance?
    The user must send BAL from the registered mobile phone to 9212299955. The user will get an SMS with information about the remaining amount.
  3. What number should I call to check my Indus Bank balance?
    Using the registered cellphone number, the individual can dial 1800 2741 000.
  4. What is the address of Indus Bank’s official website? is the Indus Bank’s official website.

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