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Today we know How to fill out YES Bank Application Form 2023. For large-scale transactions, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is helpful. Each bank in India accepts payments from holders of YES Bank amounts. Every transaction made via RTGS will be documented in the Reserve Bank of India’s database (RBI). Following receipt, each transaction will be processed separately and immediately. Access to Online payments or mobile banking is required to execute RTGS online.

For small-dollar transactions, the Electronic Money Transfer (NEFT) is helpful. In regular intervals of time, NEFT transactions will be processed. Without a form, transactions can be made online. In order to transfer money from one bank to another, NEFT provides a safe, organized, and reliable mechanism.

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How to complete the YES Bank RTGS  NEFT Form

Check out every block in the form first because there are additional blocks there. You must carefully follow the instructions below if you want to fill out the form without making any mistakes.

  1. Two blocks may be seen when you look at the RTGS/NEFT form. The first block is titled “Remitter,” the second is titled “Beneficiary Details,” and the third is titled “Customer Acknowledgement copy.”
    You must provide the Branch name, Branch Number, Mode of Transfer (RTGS/NEFT), Petition Date, Quantity to be Paid back, and Mode of Remittance (cash, check, or account).
  2. Include information like the beneficiary and sender information.
    In the first block, which is labelled “Remitter Details,” enter your PAN number, account type, remitter name, account number, account type, check date and number, mobile number, remitter address, and pin code.
  3. The Beneficiary Name, Account No, Beneficiary Bank, Branch Name, Account Type, Address, and IFSC Code are written in the second block under “Beneficiary information,” along with a mobile phone number.
  4. Before sending the form to the bank authorities, double-check all the information. Also, make sure to sign and include the completed form.
  5. The transactions must be verified and signed in the “For Branch/Office-Use Only” column by bank employees.
  6. After completing the transactions, the bank provides the applicant with a customer copy of the “Customer Acknowledgement,” which is the third and last block.


Rates for RTGS at YES Bank

When transferring huge sums, RTGS is helpful. The following list includes the YES Bank RTGS transaction service fees. Online RTGS migrations will not incur any fees.

Transactions Amount Per Transaction Fees Above Rs. 2 Lakhs and Up to Rs. 5 Lakhs Rs. 25 + GST Fees

In excess of Rs 5 Lakhs Rs 50.00 + GST Charges

Charges for YES Bank NEFT

Payments up to Rs. 2 lakh can be made via NEFT transactions. The sum is now the basis for several fee slabs. Information on NEFT fees may be found in the table below. Online transitions don’t cost anything.

Charges Per Transaction Amount Up To Rs 10,000 Rs 02.50 + GST Charges

Rs 05.00 plus GST Charges from Rs 10,001 to Rs 1 lakh
Above Rs. 2 Lakhs: Rs. 25.00 + GST Charges From Rs. 1,001,001 to Rs. 2 Lakhs: Rs. 15.00 + GST Charges

Times for YES Bank

The times shown below are for YES Bank RTGS transactions. Anyhow, YES Bank Real-Time Gross Settlement is available online around-the-clock. To complete transactions in the branch, time will be observed.

Timings for Banking Days
On business days, YES Bank offers RTGS.

(Monday through Friday)

8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
On Saturdays, YES Bank offers RTGS (Except 2nd and 4th Saturdays)
10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Sundays and federal holidays are YES Bank days.
Transactions are permissible
NO Bank Online and branch bank transactions for NEFT are both possible. Customers may only make NEFTs at bank branches during regular business hours. The following lists many times to create NEFT.


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